06 December 2012

Frosty, Glittery Snowflakes!


Jumping right into today's post. I promised wintery snowflakey designs, and I am a lady of my word. Wasn't hard to do anyway--I LOVE snowflakes! Plus, I've joined the Polish Days massive nail-blog-collaboration that spans the interwebs, and the first event I get to participate in is Bling! I think this fits the theme:

SO PRETTY! And heyyyyy, they kinda match the blog. Winning!

These have done more for getting me into the winter/Christmas spirit than anything else: the decorations everywhere, the Christmas music, even my Christmas-fanatic of a best friend. Snowflakes are just so pretty and delicate! I have snowflake necklaces, earrings, and all sorts of ornaments and decorations. So as soon as I saw plate BM-323 from the newest Bundle Monster plate set, and the snowflake full-nail image, I COULD HARDLY WAIT to use it.

For their grand backdrop, I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #37 Blue It. I then used two Essie LuxEffects glitter polishes, Stroke of Brilliance (a dusty light blue) and Set in Stones (bright silver) to create a gradient glittery tip. This was really pretty alone--I think it looks frosty!--and I wore it this way for a day first:

Mmm, rich and shiny.

Outside in sun/natural light. You can see the sort of hidden glow of Blue It as well as the difference in the glitter colours--this showed up way better in natural light. Isn't this just amazingly beautiful?

I then stamped the snowflakes from the aforementioned plate BM-323 and Konad white stamping polish, then topped them off with a nice layer of Seche Vite to protect them, and make it all nice and shiny:

Holy funky skin tone, Batman O_O ignoring my jaundicy fingers, the polish looked this way in lower/indirect lighting.

Annnnd once more with flash, for extra shiny.

I think these capture the 'icy cold winter night' feeling so well. Do you love snowflakes as much as I do? Any other wintery/Christmas designs you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments! xoxo

(Also, click below to see the other collaborators' entries!)


  1. YOWZAH, Amanda!

    Super duper blingy nails. Great job!


    1. Thank you! These are some my favourites. Also, heeeeelllloo check out your blog! A girl who likes sparkles as much as I do. Adding you to my blogroll! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Sparkles make me happy, too! I love finding so many like-minded people on here :D x

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  4. I love the mix of the sparkles and the stamps!

    1. Thanks! I think they look so frosty and fun this way. :) x

  5. Definitely some blinged out snowflakes there! And thanks for getting involved x

    1. Oh, thanks so much! You're super welcome--thank YOU for putting these events together. I can't wait for the next one :D


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