21 August 2012

Alabama Crimson Tide Nails

Howdy! Oh my stars and garters, I've been busy lately. Getting ready to travel again on Wednesday, and I was hoping to have my purple post up before then. Maybe I can squeeze it in tomorrow night!

However, it just so happens that I did a special nail design for a co-worker last week and wanted to share it with you! She's a big Alabama football fan, and my houndstooth image plate from MASH (Mash-47) inspired me to create this:

So sorry for blurryness... all I had with me at the time was my camera phone, which takes awful close-up photos.

She started with a coat of China Glaze Adventure Red-y, from the Safari collection. Perfect shade of red for this design--it's a great match for the Alabama crimson colour. I then added the french tip with Orly Pointe Blanche, and also used it and a tiny detail brush to paint the A on the ring fingers for an accent. I then stamped the houndstooth design onto the white tips with Konad special black polish, using round paper hole reinforcement stickers to shield the rest of the nail. We topped it all off with a coat of INM Out The Door fast-drying topcoat, being super careful not to smear the black. It worked pretty well; only a tiny smudge on one of her nails.

One more pic: she got a closer, clearer shot with her phone:

Eeek, so messy! It was after 5pm and we were in a hurry, so I didn't have time to clean up her cuticles! She'd painted the red on in the car and then I slapped on the white. Haha, oh well. A shower or two later and they look totally neat again ;)

Hope you enjoyed this one--I had a lot of fun doing it! xoxo

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