16 June 2016

Born Pretty Store Review | Glittery "Chameleon" Multichrome Polish

Greetings, polish-holics! I'm back with the final review for this batch of Born Pretty Store goodies--an absolutely stunning multichrome they've called "chameleon" polish. Look at this beauty!

(click to enlarge--this is worth it!)
JUST GAZE at those colours! I'm enthralled. See more details ahead!

13 June 2016

Born Pretty Store Review | Sparkling Flower Gems

Hello my dears! I haven't posted in nearly two weeks! I am so sorry... I have been working a lot lately, and I broke one of my nails D: it's all patched up and I have some pretty, sunny-looking nails for you today featuring these beautiful flower gemstones from Born Pretty Store!

(click to enlarge)

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31 May 2016

BPS Review | Colourful Feather Water Decals (plus, dry marble!)

Hello, my beautiful readers! Today I have a pretty design featuring some nice water decals from Born Pretty Store :)

These colourful feathers were sent to me to review for you today. Verdict? They're gorgeous! Click the jump to see more!

26 May 2016

BPS Review | Gemstone Decals (and more clear stamping action)

Hello! I'm back with some more Born Pretty Store goodness for you today. These gemstone decals are so gorgeous, and I had to accentuate them with some more stamping with my new love, the clear stamper.

(click to enlarge)

Look how short my nails are! I had a little break and decided to trim them instead of patching it. They feel so tiny, but at least they're also elegant af right now. Check after the jump to see all the information :)

09 May 2016

Rainbow Flowers! | My Favourite BPS Review to date

You guys have kind of picked up on the fact that I love rainbows, right? Colourful things make me so happy, so when I got my latest batch of Born Pretty Store goodies to review, I snatched these up like it was a bag of Skittles. Which I'm also obsessed with. Because they're delicious (and, coincidentally, rainbow-coloured). But yeah. Rainbow flower and feather nail stickers! They're beautiful!

I never want to take these off! Click the jump to see the details, and like a zillion more photos.

26 April 2016

Czech Out These Birds!

Good day! I hope your week has started off well. Mine has been a little stressful, so I decided to do a relaxing, calming nail design. :)

(click to enlarge)

I just love birds! I think they're beautiful, and can be so cute, and I've always been jealous of their ability to fly and go anywhere they want. I don't believe in reincarnation, but if it is a thing, I'd really like to be a bird next time around.
Click the jump to see how I did these :)

20 April 2016

Birthday Neon Cupcake Nails!! I'M OLD AF NOW U GAIS

Hello! This past weekend was my birthday! I'm freaking 30 NOW WTF

So I did pretty, bright, fun nails to celebrate!

(click to enlarge DO IT NAO)

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