13 August 2016

Sheer Black French with Silver "Dagger" Accent, and I'm a Flippin' Fashion Designer Now

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade add tequila and salt and have a party :D

When life gives you a broken corner, file that shiz into a point and roll with it.

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I kind of love that pic. Read on for more details!

28 July 2016

Pink Holo French Tips (aka: Menchiecure!)

Hello my friends!

I got a huge smile this week! A friend I've recently met through an online game (PS, it's Ingress, the Pokémon-Go-before-Pokémon Go-was-a-thing game) told me that he met a fan of this blog! So if you're reading this, hi Sam, and yes I will totally do your nails sometime if you like--hit me up :D

This week, I'm happy to be rocking a French manicure again. I love the style, but my nails are usually too stained for me to feel OK about it, at least not without some colour-correction (hint: the purple OPI Sheer Tint polish is excellent for cancelling out yellow tones!), but due to the mini-hiatus I took recently, my nails are pretty much back to normal. So I'm going to show you the gorgeous polish I picked up a while ago--Menchie The Cat, a collab with Starrily and Simply Nailogical!

(click to enlarge! DO IT)

Rest is after the jump, because as is usual with my holo manis, I took waaaaay too many pics!

20 July 2016

Vintage Gilded Nails

Hello again! Today I've got a classy, rustic-looking design using two shimmery, microflecked OPI polishes and a dash of striping tape.

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Seriously, click to enlarge that. The smaller preview does not do it justice *_*

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11 July 2016

Falling Stars Nails


...yeah. Between working heaps of overtime and getting sick twice in a row, I and my nails were in pretty ragged shape. I broke two of the ones on my photo hand, so I decided to give them a trim and a little reprieve. But I can't leave them alone forever...

I eased back into nail art with this falling-stars gradient design over black.

You know what to do...

So, the base is just a standard single coat of Wet N' Wild Black Creme. A classic. I then used my beloved L'Oreal The True Diamond, one of their Magic Topcoats, as well as OPI Happy Anniversary! (pictured) to created a shimmery gradient on the tips. I intentionally made this a bit messy, and then used the edge of the brush  to draw some lines falling down the nail towards the cuticle.

The little star stones are from the same wheel as the flower-shaped ones I used recently, from Born Pretty Store.

And! Possibly the best part... I used a relatively new-to-me topcoat, Sun Envy Gel Effect topcoat by UNT. And OMG, it's amazing. It doesn't need an LED light to cure--it just cures in natural light. I go outside in the sun so it dries faster. It's so shiny, and it doesn't damage stones, even these plastic-ish ones. Fantastic! GET IT.

So, I know these aren't my best work, but I do like them :)

I've had these on for days, and I have no chipping or anything--it's even still really shiny! Seche Vite is still going to be my go-to most of the time, but this will be my choice for going over stones from now on. Or if I need a mani to last a while :D

Thanks so much for reading today. Anyone who stuck around after that little unplanned hiatus is awesome and gets digital hugs from me <3 <3 <3

See you soon (HOPEFULLY) for more! xoxo

16 June 2016

Born Pretty Store Review | Glittery "Chameleon" Multichrome Polish

Greetings, polish-holics! I'm back with the final review for this batch of Born Pretty Store goodies--an absolutely stunning multichrome they've called "chameleon" polish. Look at this beauty!

(click to enlarge--this is worth it!)
JUST GAZE at those colours! I'm enthralled. See more details ahead!

13 June 2016

Born Pretty Store Review | Sparkling Flower Gems

Hello my dears! I haven't posted in nearly two weeks! I am so sorry... I have been working a lot lately, and I broke one of my nails D: it's all patched up and I have some pretty, sunny-looking nails for you today featuring these beautiful flower gemstones from Born Pretty Store!

(click to enlarge)

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31 May 2016

BPS Review | Colourful Feather Water Decals (plus, dry marble!)

Hello, my beautiful readers! Today I have a pretty design featuring some nice water decals from Born Pretty Store :)

These colourful feathers were sent to me to review for you today. Verdict? They're gorgeous! Click the jump to see more!

26 May 2016

BPS Review | Gemstone Decals (and more clear stamping action)

Hello! I'm back with some more Born Pretty Store goodness for you today. These gemstone decals are so gorgeous, and I had to accentuate them with some more stamping with my new love, the clear stamper.

(click to enlarge)

Look how short my nails are! I had a little break and decided to trim them instead of patching it. They feel so tiny, but at least they're also elegant af right now. Check after the jump to see all the information :)