09 August 2012

Challenge Day #2: ORANGE nails

Today's challenge--orange! When I think of that colour, I can only think of one thing--especially since football season is almost upon us: the Clemson Tigers! So, I painted all nails with Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear polishes--the orange is Sun Kissed and the white is White On. I then stamped tiger stripes onto the orange with Konad Special Polish in black and MASH plate #41, and the orange tiger paw onto the white nail with NYC 112A - Times Square Tangerine Creme (a surprisingly good stamping polish!) and MASH plate #36. Oh, it doesn't look too nice here though, I know. I'm cringing at how well all my stamping fails came across in this lovely high-def photo. I was kind of in a hurry, and it shows...

A+ for idea, D for execution. Rawr?

I hope you like it anyway! The idea was fun, at least--I'm going to wear this again sometime during the season for a big game. C-L-E-M-S-OOOOOOOOO-N!

See you all next time for day 3: yellow! xoxo

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