23 August 2012

Challenge Day #6: PURPLE nails

Ahahaha, I am managing to get a post in before I leave! Had to share the purple creation! I'll try to make this short and sweet.

Oops, look who forgot to clean up after the second step of polishing. I have to get better about that... But who cares. LOOK at that yummy purple. It looks like magical sparkly grapeness. I could eat it.

I love this look, it's so feminine, especially in person. :) I started with Revlon #325 Gumdrop (a scented polish! even after topcoating!), which is the lovely lavender shade. It's very sheer, though. To be honest, I lost track of how many coats it took for opacity. I was watching YouTube videos and slapping it on there until I couldn't see a visible nail line anymore. 4 coats? 5? O_o Oh well, worth it. They're thin coats, and it really is a lovely colour.

After that was dry, I stamped the design using Bundle Monster plate BM-314 (from the new set this year!) and Zoya Carly, which is that amazing warm plummy-purple metallic. It stamped so well! I'm pretty much in love with the entire Beach & Surf collection Zoya came out with this summer. All the colours are so vibrant and gorgeous and the formulas are spot on, as is usual for Zoya. Carly was no exception. Love, love, love.

In fact, I loved Carly so much that I decided I wanted a bit more of it showing, so I decided to paint about 1/3 of the nail on each side. After topcoating the stamp with Seche Vite to preserve it and letting that dry, I taped off the part I wanted to save and painted the stripe down the side. Yes, I used tape. No, I have no idea how my middle finger line got so wonky. I would have re-done it but I was running out of time... But I still wanted to add something, and I know how metallics really show a different side of their personality when you add matte topcoat, so I used Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love over just the light purple/stamped portion, leaving the solid metallic area shiny. I think it's super pretty!

Close-up of my thumb, showing that matte-ified metallic sparkle. PRETTY.

YAY okay now I have to run off and finish packing. I always forget something... ALWAYS. Here's hoping whatever I forget this time is either insignificant, or something the hotel provides in the room. Fingers crossed!

See you when I get back on the 28th :) xoxo


  1. Love that purple sparkley polish!

  2. This turned out really pretty!
    This is one of my favorite stamps of all times


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