24 September 2012

Challenge Day #15: DELICATE PRINT

Ooh la la, delicate print day. And day 15, which means we are pretty much halfway through the challenge list! I'm enjoying these, although I can't wait to do my own thing again after this is over. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Pretty and delicate? Yes, I think this is acceptable. :D

I started with two coats of this nice shimmery pick by Petites, called #298 Rock n' Roll. It's a nice bubblegum-pink colour with pinkish-silver shimmer. I wore it alone for a day first:

With my leopard print jacket--rawr!

I then stamped with Sally Hansen Insta Dri in #230 Silver Sweep, and the flowing vines image from Mash plate #50. This polish is great for stamping! I tried lots of silvers, but this is by far the best. (Big thanks to Gina for extolling the virtues of this polish and convincing me to go buy it! Go check her out on YouTube--she's a master at stamping and comes up with some beautiful designs!)

After stamping, I added a coat of Seche Vite to protect the design. I could have sworn I got a photo of it at this stage, but I can't seem to find the shiny version. All I have is the photos from my last step, which was to add a coat of Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love, a great matte topcoat. I love matte-ifying metallic colours, and the soft look and feel really contributed to the "delicate" theme! I felt so pretty wearing these :)

Still shiny, even with the matte finish. Love! This was taken indoors with flash...

...and this was in the same place but with no flash. Amazing how different they look in ambient light versus direct!

Hope you all enjoyed this one as much as I did! See you next time for tribal print day. Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck Monday morning! xoxo

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