04 September 2012

From the Vault #2: Mario themed!

Hi everyone! It's Vault time again :D I slept in my Mario-themed pajamas last night, and it made me want to share a couple of old Mario designs on here. That and I have so many awesome, bright, fun, mental (oh hi, Beth) ideas for my rainbow nails that I haven't decided which one to do yet!

 The first design is a classic--half-moons become mushroom caps!

My fingers are all staring at me. Except the index finger. There's always that one guy looking off at something else when the shutter is pressed.

I loved wearing this one! I cannot remember which black or white polishes I used, since I have about a jillion, but the red is Revlon's 680 Revlon Red and the green is China Glaze's Starboard. I'll be honest, I was kind of hoping someone would tell me to "grow up" or "get a life" just so I could pretend to nibble these. :D

The next one was a special request for a friend of mine, who told me she just would not be impressed with my nails until I did Luigi or Pink Yoshi nails. (Love you Kimmi!) I decided to do both at once...

This was the last time I forgot to moisturise my cuticles before taking a photo. Yuck.

Luigi's hat on my ring finger, his overalls on my thumb, and Pink Yoshi on the rest :) I think the green this time was Revlon's 571 Posh. The pink was definitely Zoya Jolene and the yellow buttons were dotted in with Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Mellow Yellow.
I could have done a better job with the dots... I need a bigger dotting tool.

I love Mario so much, I'm surprised I only have two manicure photos relating to him! I'll have to step up my game... invincibility stars? Daisy/Peach? Goombas? Perhaps there will be a part 2 to this post sometime :D Until then, have a great day! xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. You're too late!
      (For both the nails, and really, the entire sentiment.) :D

  2. Love these nails! And the dedication too :P

    Lol @ MrHorrible, harassing people on the internet because you think *they* need to grow up and get a life. Nice work, dick head. :D

  3. Great. Now im going to have mario 3 stuck in my head all day, again.


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