25 October 2012

Challenge Day #28: Inspired by a FLAG (and, whoops!)

So, oops!

In case anybody noticed, I sort of missed a day. I looked at the list wrong, and skipped the artwork day, #27! Yikes. I will do that one next time, and then get back on track. Only a few more challenge prompts left!

Since the start of this challenge, I've had all kinds of ideas for this prompt--maybe do all ten fingers with a different flag of countries I've been to, or do some really cool detailed flag over all nails making one big image when putting them together... But then I was laying in bed the other day not feeling so great, and staring at my nightstand, where I happen to have a flag I got the first time I ever went to a "foreign" (to me) country. And, being as obsessed with nail art as I am, as soon as my eyes gazed at the Brazilian flag sideways:

behold: a bandeira do Brasil.

..it immediately occurred to me that the top bit looked like a chevron french tip + a half moon, and that I was going to have to paint that shizz ASAP! So... I did.

Cut my nails, too, a bit shorter than I intended. D: But. Yay flags!

As you can see, I went with the basic colour scheme, but a bit brighter! Started with my pretty yellow polish, Confetti #008 Margarita Senorita, that I have mentioned before. I then freehanded the green chevron tips with Sinful Colors #198 Irish Green. It's a quite sheer polish--I had to use at least 3 coats even over the yellow base, so my tips are kind of thick. It's really pretty though! I then used a detail brush to paint on the blue half-moons with Pure Ice's Celestial, and then the white details with Orly Pointe Blanche. Sealed it in with a new topcoat I found, also by Orly, called Sec 'N Dry. So far I'm pretty impressed! It's another multi-layer, quick-dry topcoat. The formula is nice, the brush is good quality, and as you can see, it's quite shiny! Smeared my dots a bit, though. Maybe I didn't wait long enough for them to dry, however, so I won't count this topcoat out yet.

With the inspiration flag.

And another, because I liked this pic.

Hope you enjoyed these! Next time I'll get the artwork nails up, and then get back on schedule! Untli then, take care, and enjoy the rest of your week xoxo

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