21 November 2012

Challenge Day #31: Recreate Your Favourite Challenge

'Ello loves! Last day of the challenge! I have to admit that as much as I enjoyed it, I'll be happy to get back to doing my own thing :D This has been a great way to kick off the blog, though, and looking back it's hard to believe I've already done over 30 posts--feels like I just started! I hope you've enjoyed this little journey with me, and that you'll also like the nail designs I come up with unaided.

Anyway, day 31 implores us to re-create our favourite day of the challenge. 99% of the nail-art community will call me crazy for this, but the day I liked best (and one of my favourite nail-art techniques of all time) was the WATER-MARBLE day! I think it's a fun and simple (albeit messy) way to create such delicate, swirly, pretty designs. Some people seem to have trouble with it--I've either been really lucky so far, or I just don't care as much about perfection and making every nail look the same. I think the randomness is part of its charm!

That being said, today's was probably one of the worst ones I've ever done. Maybe I was lazy--and I don't think one of the polishes I chose was playing nicely in the water, it dried too fast or something. I was able to save it, though--it was a win, then a fail, and then a win again!

I'm calling this my honey-marble. Doesn't it look golden-delicious? :D

I started with one coat of a-england's original Holy Grail. Adina (the creator of this awesome brand) has changed the formula of Holy Grail--the new one is a cooler-toned, antique-looking gold with a very slight greenish shimmer that looks really neat! I will have to order that one as well. But this warmer honey-gold is the "old" formula and the only one I've managed to get my hands on thus far. I then used it along with China Glaze Liquid Leather to do a black and gold marble design. I've been wanting to do this colour combination for a while, but I think I'll have to give it another go sometime. It didn't really turn out like I expected. Actually, before I added the glitter, it looked AWFUL. I was staring morosely at my nails going "HOW DID THIS BECOME SUCH A MASSIVE FAIL?" I wish I'd gotten pics at that stage, because you wouldn't believe how much different it looked.

Well, I was going to take it off and do something else--but this stage, this "I've given up, it can't get any worse" stage can actually be the breakthrough point for art, because then you say "what the heck, I may as well try something random, what have I got to lose?" I grabbed this random nameless gold glitter polish and brushed it on, just for shiggles.

And suddenly, magic. There are two sizes of gold glitters in a clear base here, and they just... somehow... brought everything together! The marble looks better and the parts that aren't so hot are covered by shinyness. I was instantly delighted, and also, hungry. I think they look exactly like honeycombs. Want to nibble.

Without flash, so you can see the impact of the glitter!

It's going to sound pathetic to you guys, but the way such a simple step made such a huge positive difference actually made my day. My smile was as sunny as my glimmery fingertips :D

The rarely-seen right hand. Pose is awkward, but I think the design came out better (or at least more consistent) on this one. Although honestly, it looks way better IRL than any of these photos.

So, there's my final challenge prompt completed, and a little glimpse into the sometimes emotional roller coaster that creating art can be.

Tune in next time for some fun animal print nails, and then I'll start getting some fall and wintery designs up! :D xoxo

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  1. Found it! Whew, didnt think i would survive this trek through the internets, but here i am! Anyways...

    Nice nails, youve done a great job! Geaux Saints!


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