02 November 2012

Moar Halloween!

*Jerry Seinfeld voice* Hel-lloooooooo!

So, I meant to post this yesterday, but oh well. Naughty blogger I am. Also meant to do a double-post with my "supernatural" nails, but I think I'm just going to make this one quick. I feel bad, but I'm working as usual tomorrow, then driving ~6 hours to go see my family and best friend for the weekend, then flying off to Holland next Wednesday for a week! So things are a little hectic around here!

However, I wanted to show you my Halloween Day nails. I dressed as Morticia Addams, the mother from the Addams Family, a great classic comic that was turned into a TV program, films, musical, etc. They're awesome! I went for a simple-yet-morbid manicure...

I just love this photo. Click to enlarge :D

Creepy black nails with blood-red drippy tips! Woohoo :D  Started with a base coat of Wet N' Wild Black Creme, the quintessential perfect one-coat black. Everybody in the nail-art world loves this one, and I can see why. Covers and applies perfectly, and stamps well too!

Then for the tips! I used a white base first, so the red would really pop, but in retrospect I don't think I really needed to. The red I used was the best blood-red-coloured polish I have, Adventure Red-y from China Glaze. I think its thick enough (in a good way--a rich, creamy, yummy opaque way) to have looked like this on its own, but I used Orly Pointe Blanche first to draw the drippy tips before going over them with the red. Both were done with my small detail brush.

Topped off with Seche Vite for super shininess :D

Ooh, spooky spidery lace. The red, as you can see, was more subtle outside of direct lighting. Added to the creepiness!

OK, sorry for super short post! I WILL get my supernatural challenge nails up before I take off next week, I promise! See you then xoxo

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