31 December 2012

New Year's Eve Nails!

2012 is almost over! It's been an exciting year for me--lots of travelling, lots of new experiences, and I've met some folks I believe will be important parts of my life in the following years :) I hope 2013 brings us all better things than any other before!

But you can't end the year without a great party, and I've got some awesome plans. I needed awesome nails to match, so I busted out silver foil polishes, glitter, glitter, glitter, and more glitter. And this is what happened!

Sorry, what did you say? Cannot hear you over the SHINY!

I started with two Wet n' Wild polishes--from the Fergie collection, to be precise. First two coats of Going Platinum, a warm-toned shiny silver foil with the tiniest hint of golden shimmer. I then added two coats of New Years Kiss (couldn't resist!) which is has densely-packed silver glitter and holographic bar glitters in it. Atop that, one coat of Essie Set in Stones, my all-time favourite silver glitter--it's full of chunky and SUPER reflective hexes. While that was wet, I added some bigger silver individual bits of glitter as well as the star-shaped ones. Two thick coats of Seche Vite for that mirror-like shine, and... aahhh, they're SO BRIGHT! :D

This a really picture-heavy post--I couldn't stop taking photos! So... I'll add the rest of the photos after the jump--click below to see them!

Click to enlarge these beauties!

Indoors with flash :D

Outdoors, in the shade. Just look at the depth! It feels so luxurious...

Outdoors in the sun. They catch the light and seem to be made of liquid metal...

The holographic bar glitters are a little more noticeable in real life than on cam, but they made a bit of an appearance here. If you don't enlarge any of the others, at least do this one--you simply must to get the full effect *_*

More of the holo coming out to play :D

One more indoors, in very low light. It's so cool how parts of it go dark and the others just light up in comparison. Magical!

I'm totally in love with these nails. To the point where even if tomorrow night somehow goes badly, I will still be happy! But I'm anticipating having a great time. I hope you all do as well--have fun, be safe, and stay fabulous! See you next year! xoxo


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Lots of glittery love to you! xoxo