12 December 2012

Peppermint Bark Nails

Good day, everyone!

Well, today it finally decided it was going to start acting like winter. It was so warm last week, but today it barely got above freezing! Brr! Do not want. But it does make wearing festive holiday manis feel that much more appropriate :D Like this one I'm showing you today. I wanted a soft look with red and green glitter, and what I ended up with was a jelly sandwich mani that looks like peppermint bark. Yummy!


Man, my nails are getting long.

Anyway, yeah. That lovely soft white base colour is OPI Don't Touch My Tutu!, from the same collection (NYC Ballet) as the sheer squishy pink I used in the last post. It's very sheer, and I started with three coats before I had something you could remotely detect with the naked eye (ha). I then painted one coat each of Orly Mermaid Tale (small green + larger green holo glitter) and Milani Jewel FX Red (uniform-sized red glitter). At this point, it looked like this:

Shiny! (no flash)

Shinier! (with flash)

It was pretty like this too, but I had the idea kicking around to jelly-sammich-ify it, so although I initally topcoated (Cult Nails Wicked Fast, btw) and left it for a while, I was itching to add one more coat of the sheer white, and so I did. And loved the results!

After one more coat of Wicked Fast. It was still a wee bit bumpy even after a total of 3 smooth coats over the glitters! Oh well.

Festive and Christmasy! I think I may do one more thing to these before taking them off... so expect a mini followup post if it turns out well :D xoxo

edit: I did!

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