16 January 2013

Pink Fairy Water Marble

Hiya everyone! I'm finally feeling mostly better! I decided to celebrate with a water marble, since it has been a little while since I did one and I really like them. I wanted a pink, feminine, pretty one--I bought my mother some flowers for her birthday, and they were all these gorgeous shades of pink and purple. It inspired me!

I think they look like fairy wings! *_*

It took a while, but I finally found three colours that would play nicely together in the water. Over a white base to help them stand out (can't remember which white polish, doesn't matter) I marbled three creme-finish colours: Orly Charged Up (grapey purple), Orly Frolic (fuchsia), and Revlon Pink Chiffon (baby pink). I topped it with China Glaze Fairy Dust for that lovely scattered holo sparkle before topcoating with Orly Sec 'N Dry.

I used this marbling technique to create a star shape in the water, although for my "regular" fingers I dipped two at a time, so the star wasn't obvious. Only on the thumbs, which I dipped alone, did I get the centre (and I LOVE how it looks!) on there. Other than a few bubbles, I think it came out perfectly!

Without flash, bit more colour-accurate.

They remind me of Life Savers CremeSaver candy in raspberry. Tiny image, but you get the idea. Yummy.

And since I was going for the girly thing, I went all out and posed with my cute bow necklace :D

Hope everyone's having a nice week so far! xoxo


  1. Wow actually really good with nails

  2. These are beautiful! I can't believe how long your nails are now. I am still enjoying the flowers.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like the flowers, and that you had a nice birthday. Love you :)


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