01 February 2013

Yellow & Black Freehand Vines

Buenos dias, amigos :) Today I have a bright, fun design featuring one of my new favourite polishes, with some simple freehanded vines on top. Take a look!

Glimmery :D

The base colour, as I said, a new favourite for me--it's Daisy Does It, by Color Club. A warm glassflecky true yellow in most lights, but at certain angles it has a green/aqua shimmer. Very eye-catching! It looks sort of like a warm gold in this photo, but I assure you it's very daisy-yellow in real life.

I don't do as much freehand art--I need to practice more! I had originally intended to stamp a pretty design with black over this, but I thought... you know... I want to try something more "personal" and unique. So I used my black Stripe Rite striper polish to freehand the vines, and my detail brush + black acrylic paint to add the leaves. Cult Nails Wicked Fast topcoat sealed in the black paint and gave that nice glossy shine :D

As I said, they were meant to be leaves, but some people said they look a bit like tulips. I think they also sort of resemble cattails. It can be any of those things... they're still pretty!

Con la botella :D Color Club polishes always seem to have a great formula, from what I've seen so far.

I couldn't get that aqua-green shimmer to show at all with my usual camera. My phone, however, takes really blurry close-up pics, and I was able to sort of capture it a little. Doesn't do it justice, but...

You can kinda see it, anyway. And also you can see some cracked and painted tarmac. I did not intend to do this, but I suppose that sort of matches the colour scheme of the nail design, eh?

Anyway, I hope you all liked this one. :) Have a great Friday and weekend! xoxo

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