11 February 2013

Valentine Nail Design #1: Pink, glitter, and hearts!

Well, hello there my lovelies! Time for a Valentine/February-ish design! I actually wore this right before the Polish Days mani, but saved it for now. I'll have at least one more lovey-dovey design up before Thursday. I've never been one to really get into this holiday--if you need a designated holiday to show your love, you're doing it wrong!--but flowers and candies and cute heart things are never something I'd complain about :D I actually can't remember the last time I had a SO for Valentines Day, but I've always instead thought of it as a nice reminder to give a big ol' hug to all the people in your life you care about--friends, family, etc.

Anywayyzzzzzz, without further ado, some ridiculously girly pink heart nails!

It's like Barbie and Hello Kitty puked on my fingertips.

Bubblegum-candyfloss-pink, glitter, and hearts. All the ingredients are there :D

I started with Revlon #280 Bubbly. Absolutely perfect polish, this one! Went on easily, covered in one coat (it may have been a wee bit thin at the tips, but I knew I was adding the glitter so I didn't care), and is the definition of a sweet girly pink. I then used China Glaze Material Girl to add the glitter gradient. I've used this one before for looks like this... it's a really nice polish with pink microglitter and small hexes, then larger holographic pink hexes! You can see one on my small finger, especially, that looks amusingly like a tiny red rhinestone. After seeing that, it occurred to me that some little red stones would have went really well with this! But alas, that's just one of the holo hexes being all crazy on cam.

Bubbly and Material Girl alone. I wore it this way first, and just got the idea for the rest later...

I then remembered having picked up this random Nicole by OPI shade called Love Your Life. It's a pale-pink-almost-clear base with small iridescent glitter (think China Glaze Snowglobe) and these big satiny heart-shaped glitters. Application wasn't too bad--I had to fish a bit for the glitters, and I was picky about where I wanted to put them, but it wasn't too bad at all!

d'aww, how cute. I don't care if this manicure looks like it should be on a 12 year old, I'm rockin' it!

Hope you liked this one... see you next time! xoxo

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