06 April 2013

Yellow & Teal Spring Flowers

Hooray! It's *finally* starting to actually feel like spring around here. Been rainy and grey for too long, but today was sunshiney and lovely! I like to think that, similar to a rain dance, this bright manicure I did last night summoned the sun. Behold:

I love yellow and teal/turquoise together :D Indoors with flash.

Isn't it just... happy? :D

Base colour is by the brand Confetti, and is called Margarita SeƱorita. Three thin coats of that was opaque enough to be a nice sunshiney background! I then used a dotting tool dipped into China Glaze Turned-Up Turquoise (Neon), the bottle pictured in the above shot, to create the flowers and random dots. The centres were made with the same dotter and a random white polish--I think it was Petites #417 French White. Doesn't really matter; they're all the same. Layer of Orly Sec N' Dry topcoat and I was good to go!

I saw a cute swimsuit at the beach last week in yellow and teal and it made me want to do a manicure with those colours.

Outdoors in this lovely sunlight.

This really was such a simple design to execute--it's just a bunch of dots!--but the result can be so pretty. Give it a try sometime with your favourite shades! xoxo

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