25 August 2013

Alphabet Challenge: V is for... Vampy Victorian Vixen

Hello, lovely people! Back to the Alphabet Challenge, and today I will be showcasing the letter V.

Click for full view on these :)

This has quickly become one of my favourite manicures I've ever done. It feels so elegant and Victorian-era, which is kind of what I was going for.

To create this look, I painted my index and middle fingers with two coats of Dollicious Polish Violet Vixen (part of the Dollicious by Fredericks of Hollywood line--I covered three of these here!), a nice metallic/foily lavender. I then used striping tape to create the criss-cross pattern over it. This takes some patience, getting the small strips cut and placed just perfectly, which made me glad I decided to only do this as a double-accent on each hand and not a full manicure!

Anyway, after that was masked off, I painted all the nails with piCture pOlish Vampire, an awesome vampy red! I did two coats over the first two nails, and three coats on the others to reach this opacity. (It still wasn't totally solid at the base of my ring and small fingers, but I didn't want to do a fourth coat--and anyway, I like this look.) When the polish was still wet I used tweezers to carefully peel off the striping tape and reveal the criss-cross pattern. And of course, after that dried, I dotted topcoat onto the joins and added some baby pearls from dollarnailart.com. Sealed in with Seche Vite, and voilà!

avec flash!

Très belle, non? :) So lovely. One more pic, because I thought it would look neat in black and white...

and I was right, yeah?

Well, now I must be off to have tea and crumpets with the queen, and discuss the finer points of... whatever it is that royalty discusses. It must be something fancy with nails like these ;)

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you next time! xoxo

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