07 October 2013

Sweet & Simple Sunday: Autumn-Inspired "Oil Painting" Brushstroke Nails!

Good day and welcome! Today we have another look that's simple to create, yet looks really cool! I've seen it around the internet (on Chalkboard Nails and Gorgeois that I can recall), called 'abstract brushstroke' or 'dry brush' nails. I think the effect is like an oil painting, so that's what I'm going with!

abstract pile of leaves?

You will need a handful of colours that look good together. I used five, but I think the more the merrier! (Gorgeois used twelve for her neon brushstroke mani!) I wanted an autumn colour palette, so I chose:

Zoya Nidhi (shimmery red)
OPI A Woman's Prague-ative (shimmery burnt orange, bottle shown above)
Color Club Daisy Does It (shimmery yellow)
OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest (shimmery brown/dark purple)
Zoya Ivanka (shimmery green)

First, start by painting your nails fully with the lightest colour. I actually did not do this--I used a nude base--and the result was less warm than I wanted, with bare bits still showing. I don't mind too much, but I think it looks better with Daisy Does It as the base. See where I tested this on a nail wheel:

there IS a difference...

Then, just take your other polishes--start with darkest, wipe off most of the polish from the brush, and make a few quick, small strokes here and there on the nail. Repeat with the other colours, going from dark to the light again, overlapping them in places so you end up with a lot of different shades as they mix together! I took a few "progress pics"...


Repeat until you are satisfied with the coverage and colour balance. I had to go over the orange a few times, as it was the most sheer (yet I wanted it to be the main one!), but it shouldn't get too thick. Remember, you are only using a very small amount of polish at a time.

Once you are happy with it, time to clean up! As you can see, it gets a bit messy by the end. I used a cotton bud dipped into acetone to clean up around the edges, and then a small stiff brush to get in closer. This is just personal preference--I like a fairly clean cuticle. Seal with topcoat, and you're done! (I chose Seche Vite topcoat.)


I like how this has such a painterly effect. Reminds me of those heavily-textured oil paintings. :)

The thumb.. I like this one best.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you'll give the design a try! See you next time xoxo

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