21 October 2013

Sweet & Simple Sunday: Lacy Nails!

Greetings, my friends, and welcome to another Sweet & Simple Sunday! Today I will show you how to create a simple lace-like design!

Not the greatest pic... Will explain later ;) but you get the idea!

These are very delicate and eye-catching, especially at a normal viewing distance. You will need two colours of nail polish and something to make dots with (dotting tool, toothpick with a flat back, hairpin, blunt pencil, ballpoint pen, a twig you found outside... anything works)! I think this looks lovely with any base colour + white for the lace, but you could also go racy with a nude base and black lace! Use your imagination, and let's get this party started.

Whatever you decide, begin by painting your nails with your base colour. I'm using one of those little 99c bottles you can find at chemists/drugstores. It's Petites #129 Rock N Red.

fanciest pic on Glittericity evar

Once that is completely dry, use your lace colour (mine is Orly Pointe Blanche) to paint about half your nail. This doesn't have to be perfect, because we're going to cover up the line in the next step:

So far so good, amirite?

Next, grab your dot-making-thingy and create a row of large-ish dots going down the middle of the line, creating a scalloped edge, like so:

Boom, action shot :D

Allow this to dry, then repeat the steps with your base colour. Make slightly smaller dots in the middle of the ones you just did. I happened to have two different sizes of dotting tool, but you can use the same one as before--just do not press down quite as far each time and the dot will come out a bit smaller:

Fancy, eh? This red and white would be sweet for Christmas or Valentines Day!

And there you have it. Lace nails!

It was about this time that my red polish fell off the table. I freaked out, managed to grab it before it made a mess on the carpet... but totally smudged this design beyond repair. So I did not get to topcoat it and take a "pretty" end photo for you. Topcoating will smooth out any bumpiness and really bring the design out--the last dots you added will not stand out as much and it will look more like a piece of lace--but I didn't get to show you >.< Take my word for it, and try it!

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you will give this design a try. It is relatively quick and, depending on the colours you use, can be demure and ladylike or totally funky and badass! If you try this one, please show me on the Facebook page :) Have a great week, and I'll see you next time! xoxo


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