08 November 2013

Nina's Funky Gradient + Black & White Glitter

Hello hello! I found a brand I had never tried before (although I'm certainly familiar with it) at Sally's not long ago: Nina Ultra Pro! These are nice polishes--good pigmentation, nice formula, the flat-yet-rounded brush that makes painting really easy. I dig 'em! The shades I picked up were Violet It Ride and Cobalt, but I think I'll try to grab more of them soon.

As soon as I brought them home, I thought they'd look great in a gradient manicure with some black and white glitter added, so that's exactly what I did!


I painted on one coat of Violet It Ride, then applied the two colours side by side on a makeup sponge to create the gradient. It didn't take much for this one to be opaque, but Cobalt is quite sheer and took several thin coats. I ended up painting the very tips with it, because I wanted the transition to blue to be complete and not just purple all the way up--although that middle shade with the two combined is fabulous, isn't it?

Violet It Ride on its own, because, reasons. I love this shade.

The black and white glitter is actually from Sally Hansen! I love that they've jumped aboard what the indie brands started. It's called Strobe Flash, and it's part of their Limited Edition Fall 2013 Xtreme Wear Collection. No, you do not have to say that five times fast! This fall collection is full of fun glitters--some white + another colour, some more traditional metallic glitters in various shades--in a clear base. 

This one is packed with glitters, but the base is a bit thin, so you'll need a couple of coats. On the plus side, the thin base + their nice clear-bristled brushes makes it very easy to pick out the larger pieces and place them where you like.

Topped it all with Seche Vite.

without flash. Looks ever so slightly more pink and less violet in this photo. The topcoat is so squishy-looking!

... I just liked this pic, idk

WARNING, grossness below if you don't like feet. I absolutely hate them >.< but I loved this mani so much I did a matching pedicure, and wanted to show them off together. Feel free to close the window now if you don't want to see it! Otherwise, click the jump...

The big toenail looks like a galaxy mani to me, for some reason. Why that one and not the fingernails? I HAVE NO IDEA. Pardon the weird lighting--I took this one with the phone.

And that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed this simple yet eye-catching mani. See you next time! xoxo

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