14 November 2013

Sparkly Starry Nails feat. piCture pOlish Cosmos!

Hiya, ladies and gents! Today I have a manicure that's blue and glittery and electric and does my blog proud. I have had this polish for a few months now and can't believe I'm only just now getting around to showing you. It's piCture pOlish Cosmos, and here's what it inspired me to do!

Click to enlarge :D you should probably do that with all the pics in this post!

This is a pic-heavy post, because I couldn't narrow it down, this polish is just SO PRETTY... so click the jump to see the rest. Or close the window and go back to looking at pics of cats or whatever. But I encourage you to stick around for this glittery beauty!

Right, so... back in June a very special guy brought me an offering gift of some piCture pOlishes, and this one is my favourite of the lot! Cosmos is an amazing deep blue jelly/crelly polish with lovely glassfleck shimmer in silver (which, due to the slight translucency of the base, often look electric blue themselves) and even some holographic bits. It's sparkly and deep and the kind of shade you can't not double-take and then stare at.

It's just... I just... there are no words <3

This is two thin, effortless coats. I wore it alone for a day or two, but that name was just calling for me to do some art with it. I didn't want to cover it up, though! Finally I settled on adding some star-shaped silver glitters and tiny silver microbeads--just a few, scattered about, to really look like the cosmos *_*

Matched my phone case, so had to get a pic :)

I sealed it in carefully with two fairly generous coats of Seche Vite. It caused a bit of shrinkage at the tips which you will see in some of these photos, but it also encapsulated all those embellishments nicely and made for a smooth glassy finish.

Sunlight photo shoot!

I seriously cannot get over the depth here. You have to enlarge these and look. It's like staring into a pool of sparkling water, or up into the night sky. I'm enthralled.

Blurry pic so you can really see the holo-ish sparkle too..

I really couldn't stop taking photos.

Just one more <3

Cosmos is available at piCture pOlish's website for $12 AUD. I'm gazing at Imperial, too, one of their newest additions. Might have to make another order soon...!

The girls behind this company are not only wizards with nail polish, but they are really sweet ladies who collaborate with lots of bloggers and nail artists and have a real passion for creating unique and beautiful shades. I can't say enough good things about them :) (And no, they did not ask or pay me to say that... it's just my opinion of my experience!)

Hope you enjoyed this post. I have some big news to share with you soon, and might have to take a short break from blogging next month. I'll explain soon... and until then, take care and happy tip-painting! xoxo

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