18 January 2014

Jinxing Pixies -- Textured Gradient + Stamping

Hello hello! Today I want to show you a fun gradient look featuring two Zoya Pixie Dusts and one OPI Liquid Sand. :)

I love these rich colours :D

The two Zoyas were from the 2013 Fall PixieDust collection. The darker purple is Carter, and the fuchsia middle shade (and the bottle I am holding) is Arabella. These are lovely, well-pigmented with the most gorgeous silver sparkle :D I've said it before and I'll say it again--I didn't expect to love the textured polishes, but Zoya made it happen! As soon as I saw these two I knew I wanted to do a gradient with them together. Not only do they look stunning together, but Carter has hints of pink sparkle here and there, and Arabella appears to have purple glimmers, so they really compliment one another perfectly!

I started off sponging these two together for the gradient, and did some more blending with the brush. These are mostly opaque, but juuuust sheer enough for this technique to manage.

However, I can never seem to just do two-colour gradients.. I always want three.. and I realised OPI Jinx would work well with these, so I added her to the tips :) Jinx is such an awesome orangey-coral with a sizzling gold shimmer, and the texture matched the other two very well.

I love the final look, although I have to say Arabella kind of gets lost there in the middle, doesn't she? It's arguably the prettiest shade, so this is a shame. I'll have to use her again soon.

Indirect light, to see the colours better.

After a day or two like this, I decided to try stamping over it. It kind of worked. I could see the pattern clearly at some angles, but couldn't get it to photograph very well. I used Revlon #925 Gold Coin and the interlocked "wheat tips" image from Mash plate 44 (not that you'd be able to tell by these pics... but I thought the wheat image seemed just right for these autumn-like colours. and yes, I know it's not autumn anywhere right now. wearing only season-appropriate shades is for squares.)

You can kinda see it..

The pattern really disappears in direct light! But there is a pretty golden shimmer, so that's something.

Well, I hope you liked this one and are having a lovely weekend so far! (Or will do soon. It's midday on Saturday here down under!) See you next time! xoxo

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