08 January 2014

Red & Silver Foily French

G'day lovelies! As promised, I have a design to share with you from before Christmas. It was actually the design I wore to the Margarita Society charity ball (probably the last one I'll ever get to attend) in late November. Click here to see the crazy blingy design I wore to it in 2012!

This year I wore a floor-length, slinky red dress with a high slit and no sleeve on one side, solid and long-sleeved on the other side. It was so nice and flattering on my figure, which not everything is, so I felt super pretty. I accessorised with silver heels, bag, and jewellery... and did this manicure to match! All materials described below are from dollarnailart.com :)

The bottle shown is China Glaze Love Marilyn, but I did not actually use it in this design. I just posed with it since it matched. It's a yummy dense red and silver glitter mix, and I had it on my toenails for this special night :D

I started with a base of a generic red polish (cannot remember, but it was probably Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red... doesn't matter, you can't see it) and then applied a thin layer of foil glue roughly 3/4 up the nail starting from the cuticle. Once it dried, I applied the foil called Red Glitter.

Then, I applied more foil glue, this time starting at the tip and using a detail brush to draw lines coming down over the red. I wanted it to sort of resemble icicles. Once it dried, the silver foil I applied is called Silver Dots. (Both have the same sort of look--round-glitter shapes with a holo aspect, although the holo was much more apparent on the silver.)

Do you think I got the icy look I was going for? :)

I loved the way it looked, but knew it would rub off quickly without topcoat, so I grudgingly added topcoat. It didn't crinkle the foils very much, but it did make them slightly less shiny and foily-looking. If anyone knows a good topcoat for putting over foils that doesn't do that, please enlighten me! I'm thinking of trying regular artists' varnish, although it will take ages to dry...

After topcoat. Still pretty and got lots of compliments, but... I wanted ALL the holo.

Hope you enjoyed this post, even if the holiday look is a bit late at this point. I'll get some fresh work done before long. See you soon! xoxo

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