26 January 2014

Straya Day! Australian Cricket Nails

Oi oi oi! Hello everyone, and happy Australia day to all my viewers down under. As I have recently joined you in the land of cute yet dangerous creatures, I am celebrating with a manicure--how else?

I arrived at the start of the year, when cricket had just gotten in full swing, and it's one of the first things I got into with my new friends. I knew some about the game, but no place I've been focuses as much on this sport as eastern Australia, so I am learning a lot! Also, being inspired a lot... Because what is a nail artist's first thought upon seeing this logo?

If you said "hey, that's shaped kind of like a fingernail", then you are correct!

Cricket nails!

Yep, I recreated that logo on my nails. Yes, it took ages to finish. Totally worth it though--everyone loved them!

I used a lot of polishes for this one, so I won't go into all of them. The main base colour is China Glaze Starboard, the one I'm holding in the photo--a great warm yet dusty green. But I sponged darker and lighter shades to make the gradients, and used striping brushes to add the assorted yellow and white bits with different shades, matching the logo as best I could. The stars are stamped from the centre image of Red Angel plate 101 (there's more to this image, but I just used the sparkly bits).

I'm really proud of how these came out :D  I only did the left hand, though. Between the fine detail work and the fact that my right-hand nails were still growing out from the moving damage, it wasn't worth the trouble. I did coordinate them with an Aussie-flag-inspired design for the occasion, though, using acrylic paints, a striper brush, OPI Eurso Euro (the blue base), and the same sparkly stars.

(click to enlarge, this one's wide!)

Thanks for stopping in today :D enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I'll see you tomorrow for the debut of a new polish-blogger collaboration! xoxo

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