19 February 2014

Glitzy Royal Leopard

G'day me lovelies!

Boy, it was a scorcher today. I am by no means insensitive to the frigid weather and flooding affecting my family and friends in the US and UK, but wow, it's been so hot and muggy. I like the warmth, but it's still taking some getting used to this Australian heat + humidity! I'll get there :)

The bright sun does have upsides: it's great for showing off glittery nails! I got the idea for a gold and purple leopard-print design the other day. "Royal," I thought, "majestic and posh and royal." The idea kicked around until this came out!

(Yes, if you noticed, I have given my nails quite a trim. The round look just wasn't doing it for me. I'm glad I gave it a try--they can look so nice!--but it just didn't work on my hands. Couldn't stand it! So I trimmed some of the length and filed them back to squares. Actually a bit more square than before. Going to try the other 'extreme' before settling back to my normal squoval shape.)

Aaaaanyway! For this look, I started with two coats of a-england Holy Grail (original formula), a rich warm champagney-yellow gold. Atop that, two coats of the polish above: Orly Lavish Bash. Such a pretty one! It's a clear base, I think. It may be very slightly gold-tinted. The glitters--which are tiny gold microglitters plus small gold holographic hexes and bars--are SO densely packed in that it's hard to tell! One coat is plenty, but I used two anyway, for good measure. Because there is no such thing as too much glitter.

The leopard spots are done with a small dotting tool and Sinful Colors Lang Lang, a lovely rich warm shimmery purple. It is definitely regal, and much more red-toned than it appears in these photos. Some shades just do not photograph well. The middle of the spots is Revlon #925 Gold Coin--my favourite gold foil polish. I wanted to fit with the colour scheme but still stand out, so this cooler-toned gold over the warm-gold base seemed just right.

The accent nail is two coats of the same purple, plus a coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire, one of the most beloved and coveted polishes I know of! I treasure my little bottle and found another while out shopping recently, so now I even have a backup! Because of that, I felt better about using a generous coat to simultaneously deepen Lang Lang and brighten it up with those famous multichromatic sparkles. The single gold square rhinestone is from a wheel I got at Born Pretty Store.

It's all topcoated with Orly Sec 'N Dry for extra shine!

In shade -- I love the way the glitter looks in this shot *_*

My usual camera just couldn't capture the beautiful purple properly, but my phone did a decent job! It's not perfect, but it's much closer. Apologies for the quality, but the colour-accuracy makes up for it:

Fantasy Fire's amazing colour-changing pigment goes from red to green to blue to EVERYTHING
So, there you have it. The fanciest leopard the world. :D

I hope you enjoyed this one! See you next time xoxo

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