10 February 2014

Leather, Lace, & Glitter! :: Sexy Red & Black Lingerie Nails

Well, hello there. I've been expecting you. Let me just slip into something a little more... comfortable ;)

Now then, that's much better ;)
Hehe. Up until now, all my Valentine posts this year have been cute, or funky, or sweet. Today I decided to explore the more risqué side of romance!

I started with the red half-moon manicure, then the black lace trim, using acrylic paints and a thin brush for both. For the accent nail I made this into a bustiere instead, adding corset details, a bust, and some waist-shaping. Cute, right?

After topcoating to protect the paint, I created a second half-moon shape further down on the red, using the colour shown in these photos: Wet N' Wild On the 101. This is the most beautiful polish--a sheer black jelly base with small and large red hex glitters. Over black it is mysterious and shimmers with a hint of the ruby-red, a few coats of it alone reminds me of nails a vampire queen would wear... and two thin coats over red gives you what you see above! It makes the bright base into darker, vampy red full of shimmer. I LOVE it!

Before topcoating with Seche Vite, I highlighted the tops of the 'lovely lady lumps' with Revlon Pink Chiffon and the same striper brush.

Last, as an extra-sexy accent, I used Nails Inc Noho (black leather-effect polish) to add the thick stripe separating the red and darker bit. Did this last, of course, so the topcoat wouldn't mess with the texture. Red stockings with black lace and leather, plus a corset top like that? Sizzling!

Outdoors in shade...

In sun...
And a close-up with the accent nail in focus.
Well, I hope you liked this one! A mani for the more saucy amongst us ;)

What style do you like best for a romantic date--cute and sweet, or sexy and alluring? Any ideas you'd like to see before the 14th? Let me know in the comments, and I'll see you next time! xoxo

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