10 April 2014

Baby Pink & Grey Skittle

Aloha, boys and girls :)

The weather here in sunny Oz has started to get just a tiny bit cooler as autumn settles in. I feel like today's manicure sort of captures that idea, and I'll explain why!

I pulled out a pair of socks yesterday to keep my feet warm from the cooler air drifting in my window. They are cute little grey-and-pink striped ankle socks, and they are the inspiration for this nail design! I know, I keep getting ideas from funny places. You got a problem with that? ;)

le socks

To create this look, I painted all nails with three thin coats of Revlon #911 Pink Chiffon--nice baby pink creme. For the index and small nails, I used striping tape to mask off the thin stripes, keeping them as evenly spaced as possible, and painted over with Essence Colour & Go #35 Movie Star. It's the bottle of medium grey creme I'm holding in some of these photos. I left a little bit of extra space near the base and tip of the nail, to represent the toe and heel solid-grey areas :)

Outdoors in shade.

For the middle sparkly nail, I used two different glitters--first, a generous coat of Pirate Polish Lovandula, which has pink and lavender glitters in many shapes and sizes. The large holo hexes and lavender diamonds you see are part of this polish. (You can read more about this cute glitter here!) On top of that, I dabbed on some of China Glaze Material Girl, which features bubblegum-pink small glitters and larger, dark-pink holo hexes. I love both of these glitters and I think they look really nice together!

Ourdoors in sun.

Last, the ring fingernail! I used the same striping-tape technique to mark off just two stripes, and painted over with a slightly darker grey: OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! It looks almost the same as Movie Star in some lights, but I think the slight difference makes it interesting. Between those stripes, I added a pink and silver flower decal from a sheet by Cala. (I actually got this pack of decals for free from Nail Polish Canada using Polish Points!)

It's all topcoated with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

I love how closely the colours match :)

I know it isn't exactly right, but between the stripes and the pointy flower, it kind of reminds me of knitted sweaters/jumpers. I think this is the closest I've ever gotten to a sweater-mani!

Last pic... was just playing around with the camera and a mirror, and thought this shot was kind of cool...

I know for most of you it isn't autumn--spring is just coming around! I think this look would work for spring too--especially if you used a lighter grey, or even another pastel shade to really brighten things up :)

Thanks for stopping in! Have a lovely day, and I'll see you next time xoxo

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