04 May 2014

May the Fourth Be With You! (Star Wars Day 2014)

Hiya! I know I just posted yesterday, but I couldn't not do a design for Star Wars Day! I thought of incorporating a galaxy mani into this, but ended up trying for one of those sorta-minimalist designs featuring iconic characters from the series.

This design was mostly done with acrylic paints, with nail polishes as the base:

Thumb: Darth Vader -- base of China Glaze Liquid Leather, white and grey acrylic paint, silver microbeads for mask detail
Index: R2D2 -- base of Ulta Snow White, blue, red, white, and black acrylic paint
Middle: Chewbacca (Wookiee) -- base of OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, hair details done with the previous mixed with CG Liquid Leather and OPI My Vampire Is Buff, face done with black and white acrylic paint
Ring: Stormtrooper -- base of Ulta Snow White, black acrylic paint
Small: C3PO -- base of a-england Holy Grail (original formula), yellow, white, and black acrylic paint

Topped with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

This took SO long to do (like, at least 2 hours, maybe a bit longer) that I ran out of sunlight, so I only have indoor pics for you. I love them so much, though! It's going to be really hard to take these off.

Funny... Vader is the one I was most dreading painting--I was convinced I wouldn't be able to make it look right. In the end, though, he's my favourite!! They look better in person, of course; the smaller size IRL means the imperfections are less obvious. Here is a pic that's more life-sized. I know every monitor is different, but I held my nail up to the screen when resizing...

...yeah. TINY brush and lots of holding-breath-while-painting going on.

One more, under my "work" lamp. R2 is a bit out of focus, since it appears my camera favoured Chewy.

I kind of wish I had more fingers (on this hand, anyway... no way I could get this level of detail on my right hand)! I wanted to do Yoda and Han and Leia and Luke and maybe the Death Star... not Jar Jar, though, because fuck that guy.

See you next time! May the Fourth be with you! (And look out for the Revenge of the Fifth!) xoxo


  1. Those Fingas!

  2. thank you! I love 'em and was heartbroken to take them off. But that's what the pics on our blogs are for, right? ;)

  3. This is one of the best Star Wars manis I've seen!


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