08 May 2014

Nina Star Bright & Striping Tape Bow: An Impractical Yet Adorable Mani

Hola, mis dulcitos! :3 Who's ready for a mani that's pink and girly and entirely impractical to wear whilst doing anything, but is super cute?

This is another idea I've had bouncing around in my head for ages. I actually wanted to do this with a thin ribbon, but I don't have any small enough! If I did, it would actually be more practical, since (if glued down) it could withstand some movement and being touched. A striping-tape bow is doomed to get stuck to itself fairly quickly!

Outdoors in shade

I will show/tell you how I made the bow--but first, let's talk about the AMAZING pink glittery polish on the rest of the nails. This is Nina Ultra Pro Star Bright, and it's absolutely stunning! It's a rose-pink, textured glitter with fine bits as well as small silver and rose hexes. It glides on easily, covers in two thin coats, and dries to the most gorgeous textured yet super-sparkly finish!

The brush is pretty great, too--it's one of those very wide brushes that's almost too much for my tiny nails, but it means I can paint on a layer in just one or two strokes--so it's easier to get a perfectly even coat. Here's a quick shot of the brush compared to my smallest nail (sorry for the quality--took it with my mobile phone):

and compared to an OPI Pro-Wide brush:

So as you can see, fairly big! I have other Nina Ultra Pro polishes and they are all like this, but somehow this one seems even bigger.

Indoors with flash

On to the accent nail! It is Orly Masked Ceremony, from the Holiday 2013 Secret Society collection. I got two from this collection--this and the gorgeous gold glitter topper called Lavish Bash--but for some reason I'd not tried one this yet. It's a dark gunmetal grey with silver shimmer, small plum/fuchsia hexes, and silver squares.

the hexes are so camera-shy! I hope you can see them. They're quite noticable in person.

Very unique, and the fuchsia hexes meant it went with the rest of the mani very well. Two coats + topcoat and it was ready to go.

Last but not least, the bow! This wasn't as hard to make as I thought it would be. I grabbed some dollarnailart.com pink holo striping tape instead of ribbon. To keep the folded over bits from sticking to themselves, I first made each loop by wrapping it around an orange stick and affixing the ends together, as you can see here (in another shoddy phone-pic):

I dabbed a bit of nail glue onto the spot where the ends met, waited for that to dry, and slid the tape off the stick (it isnt super-sticky, so this was easy enough to do). I didn't want them to fold totally in half and stick together, though, so I swiped a cotton bud dipped into rubbing alcohol along the insides of the loop to get rid of the sticky stuff. Then I used topcoat to adhere the loops to the nail, and added the strips coming down as the loose ends of the bow. Finally, a single piece of Born Pretty Store pink hex glitter in the centre of the bow to cover all the mess and make it look nice!

Outdoors in sun
Indoors with flash, and with my pretty pink and silver scarf.

This pink will definitely be a frequent-flyer for me. It's so gorgeous and eye-catching, it applies easily and dries quickly, and the glitter+texture means it's not a "normal, boring" polish--perfect for swiping on in a hurry on the way out the door! And I'll have to find some thin ribbon to revisit the bow-accent idea.

What do you think? Sweet and fun, or too cutesy? Fetch or retch? ;) 

Thanks for coming by today--see you next time! xoxo

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