18 May 2014

More Indie Polish Goodies!

G'day, lovely people!

My package from Indie Polish arrived yesterday! The brilliant Tanya behind this brand created a special glitter topper called The Kids of 109--and all proceeds are going to benefit her son's special needs class at school. Basically, the teachers noticed that the children behaved and learned much better when they had healthy snacks than when they were eating sugary and junky foods--so they have been purchasing and preparing healthy foods for these precious children out of their own pockets. This polish was created to help raise money for them! I'm one of those crazy hippie health-nuts that normal people make fun of, so I jumped on the opportunity to help with this :)

By purchasing this polish, you'll not only have cute, unique, eye-catching glitter on your tips, but you'll be helping out a great cause with 100% of the money!

Learn more and pick up a bottle or two here! (This would make a great gift--imagine getting a gift you know also made a difference in the lives of so many people!)

And if you're wondering about that pretty pink base colour, or want to see more of this glitter, read on!

The gorgeous base for this mani is a beautiful rose/mauve/pink with a strong blue shift and lots of scattered holo shimmer. It is an unnamed prototype at this time (provided for review--thanks!), but I hope it makes it into her regular lineup, because it's beautiful! **Update** Indie Polish has confirmed that this one is, indeed, coming soon! :D

You are looking at three thin coats of this soft, delicate, yet eye-catching polish. (Two is plenty for normal wear, but these macro shots showed some nail line, so I added a third.) The base is a gorgeous pink, but there is so much blue flash that it often has more of a purplish overall tone. Here it is inside with flash, at two different angles...

and here outside in light sun, again at two angles...

Isn't the difference amazing? I love the scattered holo in this--really makes it stand out from other pink/blue shifters. The formula was just a tiny bit on the thick side, but I think it's the good kind of thick--I suspect that if it were thinner, it might be hard to manage, whereas this stayed exactly where I wanted it to go.

I did a glitter gradient tip with The Kids of 109, and then a glitter-placement accent nail:

Yellow stars in two sizes, then small teal/blue and large fuchsia/pink circle glitters. It's so cute and fun! I do wish the suspension base was a tiny bit thicker. It can be hard to get these out, but Tanya does warn about this and explains that it's due to the weight of the glitters. If you leave the bottle upside down for a minute or two and then give it a good shake, it spreads pretty nicely. I used a makeup sponge for the gradient and then did the individual placing with an orange stick.

Topcoated with Seche Vite, which may have been a mistake. My bottle is getting a bit thick and it made the dreaded topcoat bubbles! NOOOOOOOOO...

I hope you liked these polishes! The Kids of 109 is still available at her Etsy shop, and you can see more of Indie Polish's pretty creations there or on their Facebook page.**

Thanks for stopping by today! See you soon! xoxo

**Indie Polish did not pay or ask me to endorse them in any way--it is simply a cause I am passionate about and wanted to share! The glitter was purchased with my own money, and the review is honest & based on my own experience.

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