13 June 2014

Red & Gold Quatrefoil Nails


Lately, I've been seeing a lot of quatrefoil nails--they seem to be a new trend! Fairly easy to do and very elegant-looking, I've mostly spotted them on Instagram, but I first saw a tutorial for this look on YouTube. Simplichic did a great video with easy nail designs, and this is one of them, so credit to her for the inspiration! She used black and gold, but I love red and gold together, so that's the combo I chose for mine:

The red is Orly Rock-It (pictured). A rich crimson red with red and gold shimmer, it's beautiful alone and I love pairing it with gold as well--really brings out those undertones. The gold is a-england Holy Grail (original formula).

Watch the video I mentioned above to see how I did it! You only need two polishes and a dotting tool (or anything that makes dots... she uses a hair pin!)--it's really much easier to do than it looks. Mine isn't perfect, but for a first try I quite like it. It does get bit thick with the layers and takes a while to dry, but that's what quick-dry topcoat is for!

Indoors with flash

Outdoors in shade--you can really see the gold in Rock-It here. YUMMY.

And another in sunlight.

I probably should have branched out and tried another colour combination, but I'm always drawn to this one. So classically posh-looking and elegant. I think this would be great during the Christmas season!

I hope you enjoyed these, and that you'll try it out! See you next time xoxo

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