28 August 2014

Delush-ous Pastel Rainbow Marble

Hiya! today I am very happy to show off my latest polish haul! Well, kinda. I don't have swatches, because honestly, I find plain swatching to be boring. That's why you don't see many posts like that on here! But Cris from Let Them Have Polish! did a wonderful swatch set of the Essence of Summer collection by Delush Polish, and two things happened for me immediately: 1) I fell in love with them, and 2) I got an enormous urge to do a water marble with them. So I ordered, and they arrived a few days ago. You should really check out her swatches, as each shade is BEAUTIFUL and looks stunning alone. But here's what they look like together in a marble!

I chose the set of mini bottles, but now I'm wishing I had sprung for the full-size options! These polishes are so unique! Did you look at Cris' swatches? Seriously, check them out! I'll wait. *hums Jeopardy theme*

Welcome back! The shimmer in each of these eight polishes is just lovely--a strong pink or blue shimmer highlights each one in the most interesting way. I used the white, Swans Upon A Time, as a base. It's a shimmery white with a strong pink shimmer, and it goes on a bit streaky at first. But this isn't unusual for non-creme whites. Three thin coats looks great:

The other seven marbled perfectly, and ended up looking so pretty and pastel on top of this white that is almost baby pink with that shimmer... it's more of a spring look, isn't it?

Indoors with flash
Outdoors in sun
And another in sun :)
The rhinestones are from Born Pretty Store.

They flow so seamlessly into each other, I can hardly believe there are seven colours there. It looks brightly iridescent, like an opal:

This is my first experience with Delush polishes, but it definitely won't be my last. The formula on all these is great, and they're so pretty, special, reasonably priced, and nicely/lovingly packaged to boot. I highly recommend this indie brand!

One more thing: I'll be starting the 31-Day Challenge on September 1st!

I can't promise I'll post every single day, but I'm going to try to do it as close to the 31-days-straight as I can. It's part of the challenge! So, I'll see you soon for that :D xoxo

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