16 August 2014

Mosheen the Rebel

Hiya! Wanna see the last two Zoyas from my birthday box? Say hello to Rebel and Mosheen!

Rebel is that soft blue on the right. Two coats is enough for coverage with this beauty! The shimmer is a bit glassflecky, but less so than the greens--it's almost metallic in nature. But still very soft.. it makes me think of baby showers, or Cinderella's dress.

Mosheen is the glitter topper, and a great compliment to Rebel! There are small iridescent hexes, but mostly robin-egg-blue bar glitters, in a slightly blue-tinted sheer base. It would be hard to built up to opacity by itself, but I love it in this combination.

I used white acrylic paint for the polka dots on the middle finger, and 3D-holo stickers for the index!

Indoors with flash

And another. I love this glitter :D

Outdoors in shade

And again in shade

Continuing the trend with this pose, outdoors in sun

I hope you liked this one! I can't get enough of pretty blues like these. But this concludes my latest Zoya haul, so next time I'll have something different for ya. See you then! xoxo

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