11 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 11 - DOTS

Hullo darlings!

Today's design came out differently than I expected... a bit more subtle... but I like it! I'm calling it Blueberry Fizz.

Outdoors in sun

The base is Revlon Cobalt, from their Chroma Chameleon line of colour-shifters. I then created dots with piCture pOlish Aurora, a shimmery multichrome that also has shifting glitters. I made larger dots near the cuticle and got smaller as I moved towards the tip. I thought it would show up a bit more prominently than it did, but I still think it looks like blueberry soda :D

Outdoors in shade

Outdoors in sun

I didn't topcoat, because I wanted to preserve the bubbly, textured look. It isn't the usual "polka-dotted" look, but I'm digging it!

See you tomorrow! xoxo

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