17 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 17 - GLITTER nails

Hiya! Today is, obviously, one of my favourite days of the challenge. Glitter nails!

Outdoors in sun

"Oh look," I hear you say with a scoff, "she pulled out Essie Set in Stones again, big flippin' surprise." Well, you, my imaginary disdainful detractor, are wrong. This is OPI Crown Me Already! from the Miss Universe collection!

Indoors with flash

It's very similar to my beloved Essie LuxEffects topper, except that it has a lot more microglitters, and some slightly larger hexes as well--but the concept is the same. Bright, super-reflective glitter hexes in many sizes. It's beautiful! Also unlike the Essie, this one can easily each opacity on its own. I applied three thin coats for the density you see in these photos.

I couldn't just wear the polish alone, though. Come on, where's the challenge in that? ;) I added some assorted-shaped clear/silver stones from a pack called Ice Chips--isn't that cute?? I got them at a random craft store years ago. Might have been a Michaels.

I'm really annoyed with that large teardrop stone on my middle finger. When I added my two coats of Seche Vite to smooth all this out, that stone--and that one alone--reacted and went all cloudy. Why, I have no idea. I don't like to think that just that stone, or maybe just the ones in that size, were made of a different/cheaper material, but the evidence is pretty clear. Or not clear, as it were.

Outdoors in shade. So bright!!
Another in sunlight

I just love having bright glimmery nails like these. The kind that are dangerous when driving, because they're so distracting! The dense microglitters almost make for a metallic, foil-like finish. Beautiful.

I'm pleased with how easily the challenge is going this year. I took a long time to go through it the first time, but this has been really fun! The solidarity with other nail artists has helped--I look at the #31DC2014 posts every day on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There are so many talented folks out there! See you tomorrow :) xoxo


  1. So. Much. Glitter. I love it!!!!!! And those little rhinestone things?!?! Fabulous!!!!!!

  2. Thank you darling! :D When I make it back to Alabama I should totally do your nails xoxo


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