18 November 2014

Elegant Dragonfly & Stripes: Born Pretty Store Nail Charms

Ciao a tutti! Boy, it's getting warm here in northeastern Australia. It was about 40C yesterday. Summer is fast approaching! It means I'm sweating my bum off, but it also means I have lots of bright sunlight for showing you the third review item Born Pretty Store sent me: these beautiful dragonfly charms!

(The website says they are bowknots, which I can kind of see, but I think they look more like dragonflies, so that's what I'm calling 'em!)

The charms are about 1.5cm across the wingspan, and 1.7 from the top of the pearl to the end of the diamante tail. They are thin and delicate, but still seem well-made. The tail is free-swinging, and I was able to bend the wings gently to fit more around my nail. I wouldn't recommend doing this very much, because I think they would break off eventually.

I didn't realise they had the little loop on top when I saw them on the website. I think I will actually wear these more often by attaching a hook and wearing them as earrings! Because as gorgeous as they would be for a special occasion, they are a bit on the large side for everyday wear on the nail.

As a backdrop for the dragonflies, I used two coats of Zoya Hudson, a shimmery lavender from their Spring 2014 collection, and a white striper to add some vertical lines. That was pretty, but I wanted even more shimmer, and to soften the contrast between the purple and white, so I added a coat of L'Oreal #802 The True Diamond (one of their "Magic Topcoat" polishes). Seche Vite sealed that in, and then a drop of nail glue adhered the charm! (If you have access to it, a drop of acrylic would definitely keep it in place as long as you wanted!)

I feel so pretty and dainty with these on! Makes me want to attend a wedding or fancy dinner. It would certainly be a conversation-starter!

You can find these charms here, as well as so many other beautiful nail art supplies. As usual, don't forget to apply discount code CITYG10 for 10% off any order!

Thanks for stopping in today. Have a lovely day and I'll see you next time! xoxo

*product sent for review--the experience described above is my honest opinion and was not influenced in any way by the retailer*


  1. That shimmery lavender is so pretty!!!

  2. Isn't it wonderful? Zoya makes the absolute best shimmers. It should still be available at Ulta if you want to have a look for it!


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