19 December 2014

Christmas Bows Feat. Dragonfly

Hiya! I'm super tired, so let's get right to it :) I have another Christmas mani for you, featuring another of my new piCture pOlish shades--Dragonfly by Lucy's Stash!

Outdoors in sun

First, let's talk about Dragonfly! This is an absolutely gorgeous deep teal/green that is opaque in two coats. Lucy herself did a full swatch and review post here, so if you want to see some STUNNING swatches, check it out! The holo in this is amazing--scattered, but slightly linear, deep-looking in low light and exploding in rainbows when bright light hits it. I just love it!

(dragonfly charm from bornprettystore.com)

It isn't quite a Christmas green, but it's pretty close, so I wanted to add some holiday cheer! I used foil glue to paint on the ribbon & bow shapes, and when that was dry, I applied some foil from dollarnailart.com called Red Glitter. I got a pic before topcoating, since I wasn't sure what it would look like after.

I drew in some details on the bows using a fineline black Sharpie, and then used piCture pOlish's Revolution, which is primarily described as a glitter base coat, but it works well as a topcoat for foils too! Jules told me that when I visited the HQ and bought all these beauties :)

Outdoors in shade
Indoors with flash

I really recommend this polish! Also, I wish I had enough of this red foil to wrap presents with. It's hard to photograph, but it's so insanely sparkly in real life! Simply beautiful.

Have a great weekend, and I'll have more twinkly festive tips for you soon! xoxo

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  1. Those bows look amazing!!! So festive!


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