10 February 2015

Valentine Cupcake Nails


Let the Valentine manis commence! Today I have some girly, sweet nails for you. That last bit being on the literal side :D

For the background, I wanted to use Nubar Brilliant, this gorgeous soft pink holo... but it's very sheer on its own--even with like 5 coats--and I needed it more opaque. So I laid down two coats of Color Club She's Sooo Glam first. The colour is very similar to Brilliant, but a nice creme formula that covers better! Over top of that, two thin coats of the Nubar holo gave me the look I wanted :)

Next, the base for the cake! This was done with Revlon #928 Silver Dollar. I have lots of metallic silver polishes, but I chose this one because the brush is a bit thinner, and I didn't want to paint the whole tip across... Just a little square bit for the cake, and I used my thin brush + black acrylic paint for some lines, to add detail. I wonder what flavour it is inside this pretty silver wrapper?

Now, frosting! I used a dotting tool and Orly Pointe Blanche to create the rounded shape for the top of the cake, China Glaze Snowglobe for some sparkly sprinkles, and finally, to top each one, I fished out a little pink heart glitter from Love Your Life (Nicole by OPI). And last, of course, Seche Vite topcoat to seal it all in and make it super shiny!

I think these are so adorable! Cupcake nails always are. I wish these didn't look so tasty, though. I'm generally a healthy eater, but this makes me want cake with thick creamy frosting... mmm...

I hope you like these! I'll be back soon with more Valentine nails :) xoxo

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  1. Love this!!! Cupcakes are both pretty and delicious!


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