11 June 2015

Born Pretty Store Review | Metallic Glitter/Dots :D

Good day :) I received more nail art items from Born Pretty Store to review for you! As always, their service is great, the prices are great, and the items are gorgeous. Here's the design I have for you today!

I got these neat little decorations. I'm not sure what they are--I've just been calling them "shiny dot-thingys". They aren't quite glitter, nor are they rhinestones. They're little plastic, metallic-coated dots that are slightly 3-D--think like a tiny disc. A hockey puck for insects (lol). There are lots of possibilities with these, I think!

They're more metallic than they look here, but you get the idea. Multicoloured dots that did not bleed/lose their colour when topcoated, and seem pretty resilient. I think if you're careful you could re-use these. Not that you'd need to--even the small sized pot has TONS of them!

I used two coats of Sally Hansen Scarab, from the Lustre Shine line, as my base, and then used clear topcoat and an orange stick to carefully place these in diagonal lines, no particular pattern in terms of colours. They remind me of Christmas lights! I need to revisit this idea come December :)

Two more coats of topcoat ensured these wouldn't go anywhere!

(I should use a non-metallic base next time. You can totally see the diagonal swipes of the clear coat underneath.)

I like how some of them have two colours, with a smaller circle in the centre. Very neat!

What do you think of these little dots? You can pick them up on the BPS website, and don't forget to use my coupon code CITYG10 for a 10% discount :)

Thanks for reading today! Stay tuned for more xoxo

*product(s) sent for review--the experience described above is my honest opinion and was not influenced in any way by the retailer*


  1. So pretty and shiny! I like all the little dots too :)

  2. thank you! These are so easy to get and use. Although I'm so clumsy I'm surprised I didn't spill them everywhere :D


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