16 June 2016

Born Pretty Store Review | Glittery "Chameleon" Multichrome Polish

Greetings, polish-holics! I'm back with the final review for this batch of Born Pretty Store goodies--an absolutely stunning multichrome they've called "chameleon" polish. Look at this beauty!

(click to enlarge--this is worth it!)
JUST GAZE at those colours! I'm enthralled. See more details ahead!

So, the first thing I noticed about this polish is that they've used the same bottle printing as many of their holographic offerings. This actually does have the tiniest smattering of scattered holo microglitter involved, but it's mostly this smooth, highly pigmented multichrome. The added green hexes really set it off, don't they? This shifts from a pink-purple to cobalt blue to deep emerald green. I adore it!

This one would probably work on its own with enough coats, but it's recommended to use it over a black base for the best effect, so that's what I have done here--two thin coats of this over a black creme.

In low light, you see more of the plummy-purple.

BPS don't name their polishes (this one is simply colour #33), but this really reminds me of the poison mushrooms in Mario games. I think that's what I'm going to call it in my head from now on ;)

the obligatory water-droplet-on-multichrome shot

I got lots of compliments on this one at work recently, so I'm calling it a win all around. Pick up a bottle for yourself, and use discount code CITYG10 if you'd like a 10% discount on your order :) They also ship anywhere in this galactic sector for FREE! (shipment outside of sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha not guaranteed.)

Thank you for reading today. See you next time! xoxo

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