19 August 2012

Challenge Day #5: BLUE nails

Hola again! Hooray for delayed posts! Was travelling for work. I'll be gone from the 22nd to the 27th as well, but I will do my best to get a post up at some point even from my hotel in Amsterdam :D

Anyway, enough chit-chat. On to the next challenge day--blue nails!


Whee! I had a lot of fun creating this one. I started with one perfectly opaque coat of Orly Snowcone, a light blue that's actually much cooler-toned than it shows up on camera. It's more of a periwinkle... In searching for more accurate swatches of this colour, I found that most people have the same problem--this one just doesn't photograph right! However, this swatch at All You Desire is as close as I could find.

Anyway, I then created the diagonal section with a navy blue polish I found at Charlotte Russe. The brand is Black Poppy, but the bottle does not seem to have a name for the colour, nor do these polishes seem to be available online. It's a really nice polish, though! Nice creamy-jelly formula that is opaque in either two thin coats or one careful thicker coat. If I had to pick a dupe, I'd say butter LONDON's Royal Navy is pretty close. I just freehanded the diagonal stripe--if I wanted a perfect line I'd have blocked it off with tape, but I knew I'd be adding the stones along the divide.

Before adding the rhinestones, I decided it needed more kick, and I am a total sucker for holographic sparkle. So... I added a coat of a sorta-frankenpolish I made. It started out as INM Northern Lights, which has scattered spangly holographic glitter, but then I added a pinch of SpectraFlair, a very fine holographic pigment that creates a more linear rainbow effect. (I ordered it from the lovely lady who runs this blog, and I LOVE IT.) The end result is spectacular--still a clear base that doesn't dull your base colour, but it has all kinds of holographic goodness going on! I call it Rainbowgasm. :D

I then brushed over a thin layer of IBD's brush-on nail glue, and applied the square rhinestones (which I got at Born Pretty Store) with an orange stick and a lot of patience. This took longer than usual because my hands were super shaky for whatever reason (*cough*hangover*cough*). But perseverance paid off, and I got them in a nice stair-step pattern covering the line across the nail. Lastly, I applied Cult Nails Wicked Fast topcoat over the polish, going around the stones to seal them in but not covering them. It won't last quite as long that way, but topcoat always seems to dull my stones :( I used Wicked Fast this time as I'm still testing topcoats over holos. My lovely Seche Vite seems to dull the rainbow effect some. Wicked Fast didn't do that, it's still as bright as gawgeous as ever!

Bit blurry, but more colour accurate.

And last, a super-blurry photo that shows all that yummy rainbow holographic goodness!

I went to the pool wearing this mani and intended to have a nap lying out in the sun,
but actually could not stop staring at these nails long enough to fall asleep. True story.

Hope you enjoyed this one! xoxo

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