16 August 2012

From The Vault #1

Howdy folks! We interrupt your regularly scheduled 31-Day Challenge post to bring you a picture "from the vault". And by "the vault", I mean the album that I kept on Facebook for a while (and a few from my hard drive that I never posted anywhere). My goal is to eventually get all the good ones over here to share with you :)

I apologise in advance--I will do my best to remember the polishes and plates I used for each design, but if I can't, I'll give my best estimate or a suggestion for a similar shade. I'll also apologise for the poor quality of some photos. They were taken with a phone camera, and as I'm sure you know, they often leave a lot to be desired. However, while they may not be very clear, they are generally colour-accurate.

First up, a relatively recent design:

I'm blue, da ba dee da ba da...

I started with a base of two Pure Ice blues and made a gradient fading from nude at the base to dark blue at the tip. The lighter blue is called Pussy Cat, and the darker blue is Celestial. These are both lovely metallic blues with a great one-coat formula! I made the gradient with the brushes--just dabbed it on with a small amount of polish on the brush. It didn't have to be perfectly smooth since I was putting all the rest of this business on top of it :D

Over the blue gradient I added one coat of Essie Set In Stones, the lovely shiny silver glitter from the Luxe Effects collection, and one coat of NYC 105A Starry Silver Glitter, which has microfine silver glitter and slightly larger hex glitters in very pale lavender colour and royal blue. I then used Stripe Rite white striping polish to make some tiny white stars here and there. Finally I added some dark and light blue tiny rhinestones, which I purchased from Cult Nails. They came in a wheel of assorted colours and sizes, and can be found here. Last, the trusty coat of Seche Vite to seal it all in.

I really like this one--I got lots of compliments, my favourite being "it reminds me of snowy coldness". This wouldn't seem like much of a compliment, except it came from a Canadian who loves low temperatures more than pretty much anything else on the planet, so I was honoured!

(I just realised this could have totally been my manicure for Challenge Day #5, since that calls for blue nails, but I'm not going to cheat and use an old one! I have a special mani for that one and will post it next time.)

Au revoir for now! xoxo

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