12 September 2012

Challenge Day #11: POLKA DOT nails

Hallo ieder! Today's challenge was polka dots. I intended to be good, I swear. This design was made pretty much entirely out of dots, but the verdict is out on whether or not they classify as "polka". I hope you will all forgive me. This is what I did:

Outdoors in sunlight! Sort of a gradiated-connected-dots thing. Also, how sexy are those shoes? (Yeah, I wear sparkly silver heels and jeans to work. U jelly?)

Wheee :) For this design, I used two polishes from Orly--the green is called Fresh, and the fuschia goes by the name of Frolic. (It's more fuschia in real life; it showed up here more bright pink. One of those camera-shy colours.) I painted the bottom half near the cuticle with the green and the top half near the free edge with fuschia. I then used a dotting tool to create first the green dots on the pink half, then vice-versa, sort of interlocking the ones near the join to give that connected effect. I can't remember where I first saw this technique--it is by no means unique--but I found a great tutorial here that explains it well! I then sealed it all in with INM Out The Door fast drying topcoat. Yeah, I do use a different topcoat every other day. I'm a topcoat whore. Don't judge.

Another outdoors in the sun, just because I liked the way they look with the texture of the denim :)

I decided these look pretty retro. 60's-esque. A few people at work said the same thing, so maybe I'll call these Disco Nails. :)

Indoors without flash, and under fluorescent lighting to boot. My skin looks ghastly. GHASTLY. But this was the most colour-accurate photo I had of the fuschia--this is as close as I could get to what it looks like in real life. So just ignore all the rest. Including that topcoat shrinkage on my middle finger. GAH. :)

Indoors with flash. Frolic shows up fairly accurately here as well, and look at that shiny! :D

That's all for today! Coming up next is stripes, and if my idea comes out half as sweet as I think it will, I'm going to love it. I hope you do as well. Until then, vaarwel! xoxo


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Lots of glittery love to you! xoxo