16 September 2012

Challenge Day #12: STRIPES

Ohai. Eek, been so busy! But not too busy to make awesome nails happen. Next challenge on the list was stripes :D I love vertical stripes on nails--makes them seem longer and more narrow--not that my nails aren't already narrow. Ridiculously tiny, actually. Nevertheless, I love the look, and I wanted to do some sweet pastel colours and stripes and bows, like the old hatboxes of yore:

(image found on usbox.com)

I've actually done a similar nail design to this, with the pink and white, but I went for different colours this time:

Indoors, no flash. Look at that shine! :)

I wore these for days, they are so cute! I started with two base colours. Soulstice Spa's Kona is a light teal creme, and I painted the pinky, ring finger, and thumb with that. The  yellow is my go-to yellow, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow, and I used it for a double accent on the middle and index fingers. It's just such a great shade, and unlike most yellow polishes, doesn't take 293053974 coats to be opaque!

I then used my white Stripe Rite striping polish to freehand the vertical lines. This takes some practice, and mine are far from perfect, but I went slowly and held my breath (haha... no, I'm serious) and managed to get decent lines even on my right hand! The bow is a little sticker, I got it from the Essence store last time I was in Germany. The pack is called Sweet Romance, and it has all sorts of cute bows and hearts. I just added one to each index finger. Then a nice thick layer of Seche Vite topcoat, and done!

Same pose, but with flash. The yellow looks a bit more colour-accurate here :)

The weather was a bit dreary the whole time I had these on, so no sunlight pics for you... But I did get a silly one at work! I noticed that my nails matched the origami ninja star I made ages ago, so decided to pose with it:

I made about a jillion of these little stars :D

Guess that wraps things up for this post. Join me next time for day 13, animal print! Gonna be fun. Or wild. We'll find out soon enough... See you all next time! xoxo

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