18 September 2012

Challenge Day #13: ANIMAL PRINT

Bom dia :) Today's challenge is animal print! This seems like it would be an easy one to think of, but I really wanted to do something unique. Everybody does zebra, tiger, or leopard... I was going to try something really weird and out there, but then I remembered that I've been wanting to try out Rebecca's funky-coloured leopard print for a long time! I also wanted to do something with this base colour I used here, so...

..so, rawr, that's what. Blue leopard print action!

She does them all the time in loads of different colour-combinations. I just looked at some photos of hers and went from that, but a step-by-step tutorial can be found here.

I started with a base colour that I've been itching to try since I bought it: OPI's I Don't Give A Rotterdam! from the Holland collection. It is so pretty and I can't believe it took me this long to use it! It's a light, cool-toned periwinkle that has silver shimmer, plus just enough gold shimmer to make it look a little warmer in person. I only bought one polish from that collection--although I simply must get my hands on Vampsterdam and Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? (swatched by Scrangie); they are stunning too!--and this was it.

Anyway! I then used a dotting tool (toothpick works great for this too) to apply some dots in two colours by Soulstice Spa--first I used Monterey, which is that lovely dusty-royal blue, and then Gotham is the black. Once that was dry, I added a layer of Cult Nails Wicked Fast topcoat to seal it all in.

I love when my nails match my clothes. It's almost always an accident when this happens, but it makes me feel so sophisticated :D

Gotta go off on a tangent here for a second! All the Soulstice Spa polishes are awesome! The formula is just a dream. And they're even vegan, cruelty-free, and Big-3-free! (The Big 3 are the toxins dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene.) They apply perfectly and are not what I expected from a "hippie" polish, as I (now affectionately) call them. Totally blew me away. They're available at Nail Polish Canada, if you're interested. This brand does not get enough love, in my opinion!

(And no, they certainly did not pay me to say that or endorse them in any way. In fact, I entered a contest on their website and lost, so really I should be mad at them. But I can't, because they sell too many awesome things. *sniffle* oh, NPC, I can't stay mad at you. I love you.)

Posing with the bottle of Monterey, just because.

Anyway, holy crap, loads of links today. Hope you guys enjoyed it anyway! I didn't work fast enough on some nails and the polish was getting a bit tacky, so it dragged and left little strands in a few places. I want to revisit this technique again and be a bit neater with it, so you may see this again after the challenge is over! Until then, tchau! xoxo

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