29 September 2012

Challenge Day #17: GLITTER

Hiya! Today is glitter day! In case you don't know me at all, or you didn't notice the name of this blog, I'mma tell you a little secret: I freaking love glitter. So I went a little bit nuts with this one. Definitely wanted to do some glitter over black, but I couldn't choose just one, so... I did a different glitter on each nail :D OBSERVE:

My camera decided to make my skin tone look entirely different in each pic O_o I didn't colour-correct, though, because the polishes look right. GLITTER BOMB Y'ALL! (click to enlarge)

Aww yeah :D blingy! This one was fun to wear! I started off by painting all nails black--China Glaze Liquid Leather, to be precise. I then applied the following polishes:

Left thumb: A001 New Years Kiss, from the Wet n' Wild Fergie collection - 1 coat
Left index: So Go-Diva, Orly Flash Glam collection - 1 coat
Left middle: 580 Fuchsia, Milani Jewel FX collection - 2 coats
Left ring: Mermaid Tale, Orly Flash Glam collection - 1 coat
Left pinky: Set in Stones, Essie LuxEffects collection - 1 coat

Right thumb: Be Brave, Orly Flash Glam collection - 2 coats
Right index: 531 Gold, Milani Jewel FX collection - 2 coats
Right middle: 521 Red Sparkle, Milani One Coat Glitter - 1 coat (duh)
Right ring: Stroke of Brilliance, Essie LuxEffects collection - 1 coat
Right pinky: Snow Globe, China Glaze - 3 coats

Topped off with as many coats of Seche Vite as was necessary to smooth the surface. Some took more coats than others to get rid of the grittiness. Totally worth it!

Look at that shine <3

These were SO sparkly, my camera was going crazy trying to focus on them. I'm afraid these pics don't do them justice. Few words about these... all the Flash Glam polishes are SO pretty and densely-packed, highly recommend! Especially Be Brave. Pink holographic bar glitter, whaaaaaaat? This one was just amazing in the sun, I had rainbows dancing on my thumb constantly. New Years Kiss is from an otherwise relatively unoriginal set, but I really liked the combination of silver microglitter and holographic bar glitters in one polish. Plus, the brush is perfect, and the polish itself is so dense: it only took one effortless coat to get that look! Lastly, Set in Stones is my favourite silver glitter ever, and I bought like three backup bottles because I wear it all the time.

LOOK at that rainbow action Be Brave has going on! And how blingy that gold is. And and and omg :D

Gold, Red Sparkle, Stroke of Brilliance, and Snow Globe. Indoors with flash--not a great pic, but it shows off Snow Globe pretty well, which really did look lovely over the black.

Fuchsia, Mermaid Tale, and Set in Stones. Click to enlarge and look at the tealy greeny microglittery holographic yummyness that is Mermaid Tale.

I think it's safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed these. Hated to take them off! But the challenge marches on... See you next time! xoxo


  1. I love the sparkles and the rainbow one is very pretty!

    1. Thanks! And yes, before you ask, I will allow you to retain your man-card even though you said that. :D


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