01 October 2012

Challenge Day #18: HALF-MOONS

Hullo, my dear readers :D Welcome to day 18 of the challenge!

Half-moon manicures are so elegant. Fun fact: women of many cultures have been using various types of dyes and pigments to colour their nails for thousands of years, but this style apparently originated in the US in the 1920s. It seems that it was considered indecent at the time for a woman to have her entire nail painted, so she would leave a little half-circle near the base of the nail bare--the "half-moon" shape. The rest would be a red or pink shade, all that was available at the time, and then a coat of clear went over it for shine.

These days we're all finger-hussies covering our entire nail with a full range of colours and designs, but the half-moon manicure is still a timeless, classic, and lovely look. I took this opportunity to use a beautiful new polish, pay yet another tribute to The Nailasaurus, and get in my first autumn-colour-inspired mani this year!


Whee! Sometimes the half-moon design is done with two colours, but I wanted to stick with the original nude base--plus, I didn't think this polish needed much accompaniment! I used paper hole-reinforcers (like these) to mark off the base of my nail, and then painted the rest with a polish from OPI's recent Germany collection: Every Month Is Oktoberfest. I just had to pick up this polish, for two reasons: 1) it's an absolute stunner--dark inky purpleish that has plummy-red shimmer in some lights, and sparkling brown in others!, and 2) the name. I mean, in my life, that's pretty much correct ;)

After applying two coats of polish, I removed the reinforcement stickers, leaving the base exposed. Because I did two coats, though, some of it had time to dry and stick to the little round stickers, so the line wasn't perfectly clear and crisp. (Pro tip--when using tape or stickers to mark off sections for painting, you need to remove them almost immediately after painting or that will happen!)

I decided I had to do something to cover that, and then remembered this post over at the aforementioned Nailasaurus' blog. A few months ago, I acquired some of the large glitters ('glequins', she calls them, a portmanteau of 'glitter' and 'sequins' -- I am not the only one who combines glitter with other words to make new ones!) that she so loves, and decided to try out her method. Decided on green, added a swipe of clear polish along the line, and used a toothpick to place them along the edge of the half-moon. That looked a little top-heavy on its own, so I added the single glitter near the base of the nail. I think it really brought the look together! Thick coat of Seche Vite to seal them in, and...

I just love the shimmer :D This is indoors with flash.

Indoors without flash--you can start to see more of the brown nature of Every Month Is Oktoberfest, plus the green glitters show up better here.

Outdoors in sunlight is where it really transforms! Rich chocolately glimmery glowy brown. LOVE.

I felt very sophisticated wearing these, and got a lot of compliments at work :) Sometimes, I am CLASSY*.

*Other times, not so much, but I won't be posting pics of that on here ;)

Haha! Hope you all enjoyed this look! See you next time for some GALAXY nails that I love a lot more than I thought I would! xoxo

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