16 October 2012

Challenge Day #24: Inspired by a BOOK

Hi everyone! Day 24 of the challenge: inspired by a book! I'm super excited about this one!

*Warning, this post is a bit more picture-heavy than usual. I got carried away with my "photo shoot", lol*

I chose to do a Harry Potter-themed manicure:

And yes, that IS Hermione's Time-Turner! Was perfect for these photos! Even though my camera was freaking out about how shiny these Revlon metallics are.

I really, really love the Harry Potter series. I read each book as it came out, and then read them again before each film came out, and then dressed up in robes and a tie and the Time-Turner replica necklace and a hat and a wand to go see each film the day it was released, and then read the books again... you get the idea. I think Rowling is a really talented author, and the way she made her writing style grow and develop along with Harry and his friends to match the way their perspective would change with each year is just phenomenal.

So... On to the nails! Each of my four fingers is painted with the colours of one of Hogwarts' four houses, and the thumbs are black with the iconic, magical-lightning-font "H" and "P" in gold.

I'm getting better with that detail brush, I think. Even on the right hand!

As usual with these multicoloured manis, I'll go through and explain each finger and the polish I used! For the four houses, I painted with a creme polish for the "primary" colour, and then freehanded half the nail in some "swoops" of the metallic/shiny polish for the accent.

Thumbs--the HP 'logo': Started with a base of Wet N' Wild Black Creme, and painted the letters on with a small detail brush and Revlon #925 Gold Coin.

Index fingers--Gryffindor: Revlon #120 Red Carpet and Revlon #925 Gold Coin.

Middle fingers--Slytherin: China Glaze Starboard (green) and Revlon #928 Silver Dollar.

Ring fingers--Ravenclaw: I didn't quite have the right shade of blue for this, so I made it: I first painted a coat of Revlon #730 Royal (which is yummy on its own, btw), and then on top of that, a thin layer of Soulstice Spa Monterey (which is just sheer enough for this to work). The former was too dark and the latter too light, but together it looks pretty close. The official colours are blue and bronze, but copper was the closest I had, so the accent is done with Revlon #932 Copper Penny. Why yes, I *did* use a crap ton of Revlon polishes for this design.

Small fingers--Hufflepuff: The yellow is my usual, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow, and the black is OPI Baby It's "Coal" Outside! That OPI is *such* a pretty shade. Black glittery polish that's opaque in one coat, and yet very sparkly. I'm a fan.

Better shot of the green and blue especially. I'm pleased with how I was able to make the right shade of blue even if I didn't have it alone.

I could not stop posing with the Time-Turner. SHINY. Also, the "P" came out a little wonky... painting those lightning zig-zags with my left hand was challenging... But I think the H looks pretty good!

Just a couple more pics... I told you I got carried away...

In some of the pics, the gold and silver look very similar, but you can tell the difference here.

Elegant? I think so. :D

I know Harry Potter nails are not exactly unheard-of, but as I think I made clear before, I really enjoyed the series and wanted to do these as a tribute.

7 more challenge days! I'm going to squeeze in some fall/Halloween designs too, so the blog will be busy for the next few weeks. Gonna be fun! Hope you'll hang on for the ride. Au revoir for now! xoxo

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