19 October 2012

Challenge Day #25: Inspired by FASHION

Hallo! Welcome to day 25 of the challenge. This was the hardest one for me so far: inspired by fashion. I am not a very fashionable person. I am a stylish person, although my style is all over the place (pink top and long frilly skirt one day, black bondage pants and a Black Sabbath shirt the next, etc). But fashionable? Trendy? In tune with "what's in season"? Heeeeeelllll naw. So I did what a lot of nail bloggers did for day 25: turned to my best friend Google for some inspiration, and found this hot little number from a designer called Alexander McQueen:

Look at those beautiful gold and copper dragonflies! And the chain! On that black! I want this dress, nao plz. (Image found on style.com)

Isn't that just lush? I love metallic + black, and I just happened to have image plates with dragonflies and chains. So I came up with a manicure that looked awesome in person, but of which I could NOT get a decent pic to save my life:

I swear it was so nice in real life. Blah.

I started with one easy coat of Piggy Polish's Right BLACK At Ya. I really like this brand--they're all one-coaters and dry super fast, making them perfect base colours for stamping. I then used two Revlon metallic polishes (yes, again. because they're awesome, that's why) in gold (#925 Gold Coin) and copper (#932 Copper Penny) to make the design. I used my trusty detail brush to make small strokes of the colours near the base of the nail at first, to represent the areas where the dragonflies are more concentrated at the top of the dress. I then used the dragonfly image from Mash plate #41 to stamp them several times in the same two polishes, dabbing both colours on the plate randomly for the two-toned effect. On the accent nail, I used the chains from Bundle Monster plate BM12, then sealed it all in with Seche Vite topcoat.

The only other half-decent pic I could get. This one's clearer, at least. It was so shiny, my camera had trouble focusing on them!

If I were doing this one again, I'd probably be less lazy and actually fill it totally in with the dragonflies instead of "cheating" on the bottom part. But I like this look too, even if it was more elegant in my imagination.

Oh well. Moving onward! I'm already wearing the next design, inspired by a pattern. Can't wait to show you--this has been popular with my co-workers; we'll see what you think. See you soon! xoxo

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