17 December 2012

A Very Goldeneye Christmas

Guten Tag, my friends! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I know I am--I just watched the Packers win and seal the division! NFC North, with cheese on top. Mmm, just how I like it. :)

But anyway, you came here to see a pretty nail design, didn't you? Let's move on, lest I disappoint you. Today's nail look comes to you courtesy of two new polishes I just got: China Glaze Paper Chasing and... OPI Goldeneye!

Goldeneye, you so gorgeous. I will have your beautiful luxurious glimmery glinty babies.

I have been very good lately--trying to save money--but I had a free lunch break last week when I wasn't hungry and decided to wander over to Ulta "just to have a look around". That may have been a mistake... Got 8 polishes and spent a wee bit more than I should have! (But I did get one polish free, and had a coupon for a heavy discount on another... so it's okay, right? Yep, totally justified.) Two of the bottles I bought were the ones you see here. Paper Chasing is a smooth, beautiful grassy kelly green with a nice warm shimmer. It applied cleanly and was opaque in three thin coats. I am a big fan of this shade in general and didn't have a polish quite like it, so am really glad to add it to my collection.  

Goldeneye is the star of the haul, though! It's such a bright, shimmery, warm gold with big flaky particles. It honestly looks like you have gold leafing on your nails. I didn't swatch it alone (yet), but you MUST check out this perfect image of it over on Lucy's Stash. Another great nail blog, btw. Her nails are beautiful and her swatches and manicures are always perfect.

Anyway, I made a gradient with the gold and green--didn't even have to sponge, this was easy to create with just the brush. It was really nice, but I decided it needed a bit of something extra, so I added the big red rhinestones from a pack I got at a craft store. You know, the sticky-back ones that come on a big sheet. Sealed it all in with Cult Nails Wicked Fast topcoat.

Without flash, just in a lit room. Bit blurry, but I had to show off Goldeneye's glow :D

I love these snowflake ornaments <3

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone. Only 8 more days until Christmas. Time is flying! xoxo

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